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Russian Women Guide: Letter Writing Tips

1) Write to as many ladies as possible. Naturally the more ladies you write to, the more replies you are likely to receive, thus increasing your chances of finding your perfect match. Also please remember that it is impossible to judge which lady will be the most compatible with you just by reviewing their photos and information on our website. Corresponding with the ladies prior to your trip will provide you with greater insight in to each lady's personality. Do not overly commit to or get hung up on one lady. Remember even though you may correspond by mail with a lady you really do not have a relationship until you meet in person and establish one in person.

The Correct way to Address Letters to Russia or Ukraine is:

Russian Address Format

recipient (family name first)
street address, apartment

postal code + city

country's name
Fedorov, Julia
Tverskaya 4, apt. 34
103008 Moscow
Russian Federation

2) Keep files on each lady that you write to. As you write letters back and forth with multiple ladies it is easy to lose track of what you said to whom. In each file, you should consider keeping a copy of her bio and photos, along with copies of the letters you have sent and received from her. It is also a good idea to date your letters to track the time it takes for them to travel to and from their destinations.

3) Do not just write to the most beautiful women our the website and do not judge a lady by her photo alone. Most our ladies look better in person than in there photos. We have all seen examples on how people can look completely different in certain photos than in real life. Also remember that most of these ladies do not have access to the cosmetic wonders that most Western ladies use everyday. One time on a flight from Moscow to LA, I met a young lady from Rostov who was flying to see her TWIN sister who had been living in the states for a couple of years. While the lady on the plane was pretty, her twin sister who had been living in the states just two years was absolutely stunning. The difference was truly amazing.

4) Include some quality photos of yourself in your letters and emails. Even though ladies tend to judge men based upon family values, such as maturity, leadership skills and financial stability rather than looks or age as we men do; a photo is still a good representation of who you are. Take a photograph of yourself enjoying your favorite activity. At a church function, camping, biking, golfing, out on your boat or motorcycle, etc. She is just as interested in finding out who you are as you are in her, these photo will help provide her with a greater insight into your personally. Please note: To save money, you can send printed out copies of your photographs instead of the originals or you may choose to use our letter forwarding service and we will print them out for you.

5) Accentuate the positive! . Your first letter should be a friendly and positive introduction. Put your best foot forward. Like in any introduction letter, write a little about yourself, your family, where you live, what you do for living, your education, your interests, your hobbies, etc. One thing that you should highlight in your letter is your ability to provide for a family. While many Western ladies often take the financial security we provide for granted, in their country it is the principle obstacle in starting a family. Therefore, they greatly appreciate the fact that you work hard, that you have a good profession, that you have good job security, that you own your home and that you are financially responsible. These are great achievements on your part and they should be applauded and appreciated!

There are a few subjects you should shy away from. While it is good to highlight your financial ability to maintain a household, do not boast about your wealth either. While complementing her on her good looks, do not go overboard. This may give her the false impression that you view her as an object and not as a person. While placing your best foot forward, do not cross the line and sound too boastful. Also remember that their society is vastly more conservative than ours in the West. So do not move too fast, the words, “love”, “sex” and “marry me”, definitely should not be included in your letters. It is also a good idea not to talk about your past relationships. Remember women love a man with a plan, so be positive and project a vision of a happy and successful future!

Also please try to remember, whether it is your first letter to her or if you are speaking to her after being married for many years, that English is not her first language. You can imagine how frustrating it must be trying to express yourself fully using a limited vocabulary in a foreign language. So please be thoughtful, and keep your language basic. In fact, you may wish to thank the young lady you are writing to for communicating with you in your native language. Please note: Printing neatly or typing out your letters also helps greatly.

6) Provide little details in your letter to let her know she is special! Your first letter should be concise, but do not make a form letter either. For example, after reading her bio, mention some things you share in common or tell her you liked her dress in the photo or the way she smiles. Also ask her questions about herself. This shows that you are truly interested about what she thinks and what is important to her.

7) Try doing a little research on her country and culture. Every country has different customs; learning a little bit about them can help endear you to her and her family. Also try learning a little about the country's history and current events; this once again helps to show that you are truly interested in her as a person. Please note: The most popular Russian holidays are listed below.

8) Please do not be overly wary of the ladies that you write to. One should always be cautious when dealing with new acquaintances; however, the foreign dating service "mythology" or "urban legends" that are out there would lead you to believe that every lady that you are writing to is out to get your money. In my experience, you are much more likely to be taken advantage financially by a lady here in the states than in Ukraine or Russia. However, a small dose of skepticism is always healthy, so if the lady that you are writing to start asking for you to send her money right away, this should raise a red flag. If this situation does arise, please notify us.

Another myth about marrying someone from another country is that "she is only marrying you to become a US citizen." Becoming a US citizen is a long and involved process that takes at least 2-3 years. Also remember that she is just as wary about you as you are of her. She is leaving her family and the only home she has ever known to come to live with you. The bottom line is to be cautious, but do not be afraid to reach out for your dreams.

9) When traveling to Russia or Ukraine for the first time, consider traveling with a tour. It is quite an experience traveling to Russia for the first time. Russia is becoming more modern everyday, but it still very different than traveling domestically. It is nice to know that there will be someone waiting for you at the airport to take you safely to your hotel and set up all of your meeting for you. You will most likely have enough to think about just with meeting all of the ladies. You may travel with any respected tour company; however, please remember that our service will provide you with a mobile phone during your stay with us. We will be on the other end of that phone on call for you 24 hours a day should any emergencies arise.

10) While traveling on your first trip, please try to be patient. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when visiting Russia or Ukraine for the first time. Meeting so many young ladies in such a short period of time can be breathtaking. Obviously you have traveled there to find the best lady for yourself, but which one is it? Love at first site does happen on these trips quite often. However, there is no need to rush. It is important to understand that it can be difficult to make a lifetime decision in just a few days during your visit. So please be patient, relax and enjoy your stay while you are here. When you return home and have had some time to reflect upon your trip, the answers will come to you.