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Population of Novgorod, Russia is 320,000. Novgorod area code is 7-8162. Novgorod Time Zone is plus 3 hours of GMT. Pictures of Novgorod

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"Novgorod the Great" is one of the oldest Russian cities. Founded in the 9th century it was an economical and political center. Novgorod is situated on the Volkhov river, which divides Novgorod on two parts: Trade part and Sophia part. "Novgorod the Great" arose at the intersection of important trade routes and carried an extensive trade with many countries of the East and the West. The city played an important role in the development of Russian national art. In the 10th century Novgorod was one of the most well built cities not only in Russia, but all of western Europe. Novgorod played an important role in Russian government. Novgorod was the Russian capital for a few centuries. The oldest part of Novgorod is the Kremlin, which was built between the period from the 11th to 17th century. The monument of "The Millennium of Russia" is situated in the Kremlin. It consists of 128 figures depicting various episodes in the history of Russia. The monument is 15 meters high, it was designed by Mikeshin and erected in 1862. St. Sophia Cathedral, which was built in the 11th century, is also situated in the Kremlin. There many wonderful cathedrals, churches, ancient places in Novgorod. The city perfectly unites ancient places and modern ones. Novgorod is very green in the summer and clean city. Tourists from all over the world come to Novgorod to see it's majesty and might as well as experience the city's charm and history. By Maria


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Quick Facts about Novgorod, Russia:
Population: 320,000
Area code: 7-8162
(Please note 7 is Russia's telephone country code
Time Zone: + 3 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time/London time.)
Novgorod Economic Activity: Food processing, manufacturing, tourism.
Flag of Russia
Photos of Novgorod, Russia by Maria

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