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Professional Translation and Letter Forwarding Service
Express Mail Credits

Our professional translation and letter forwarding service is one of the most reliable means of contacting Russian women possible. First your letters will be professionally translated so your message is delivered clearly in her native language. Your letter will then be mailed from within the country thus skipping the long trip across continents and going through customs. Our staff is available 7 days a week to receive and translated your letters. The ladies replies will be immediately forwarded to your email address upon receipt. If you wish to write to ladies outside of our service just simply include their address with your letter. Each time you send a letter or receive a reply, you will be charged one credit. (Please note: If one our ladies chooses to write to you directly, you will not be charge a credit.)

The service also includes the forwarding one photo per letter. Please note that other agencies charge extra for letter translation and photo delivery. Each letter may contain up to 4000 characters which equals one page typewritten. There are no hidden charges with our service and the more credits you buy, the more you will save. Our service is designed to be as complete and as easy to use as possible for all parties involved.

  2 Letters Translated & Forwarded $ 16.00 
  4 Letters Translated & Forwarded $ 30.00
10 Letters Translated & Forwarded $ 70.00
20 Letters Translated & Forwarded $ 120.00

Please note: After your purchase has been processed we send you an email address to send your letter and photos to.