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Quick Facts about Sevastopol, Ukraine:
Population: 430,000
Telephone area code: 0692 (380 is the Ukraine's telephone country code)
Time Zone: + 2 hours GMT ( 7 hours ahead of EST.)
Economic Activity: Food processing, fishing, naval base and seaport, tourism.
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Flag of Ukraine

Sevastopol is rightfully called a city of monuments. There are more than 1,400 of them on the legendary soil of the Black sea sailor’s capital. The monuments stand on the hills and foothills of the surrounding countryside as well as on the city’s shores, streets and squares. One special monument is a chronicle used to immortalized unforgettable events in stone. The lines of this glorious chronicle are being update today on new obelisks and monuments. The city of Sevastopol lies on the Black sea coast; a brilliant and beautiful symbol of courage. A favorite place for city citizens and visitors alike is Primorskii Boulevard. The street has a spectacular view of the bay as well as many cozy places for rest and relaxation. The Seaside parkway is a complex of monuments and memorable places that echo past events of this historical city. The monument to the 50-anniversary of defense of Sevastopol of 1854-55 the monument to the flooded ships has appeared becoming today’s symbol of the city. If you are visiting the Crimea you can not miss visiting the historical city of Sevastopol, for there you will find your soul as well as many friendly faces to greet you! Sveta Fedorova

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