Tomsk women & local time, population and map of Tomsk, Russia

Population of Tomsk Russia is 520,000. Tomsk telephone code is 7-3822. The time zone for Tomsk, Russia is 6 ahead of GMT. Pictures of Tomsk, Russia

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Siberian Women of Tomsk, Russia

Map of Tomsk, Russia
Map of Tomsk, Russia

Quick Facts about Tomsk, Russia:
Population: 520,000 (founded in 1604)
Area code: 7-3822
(Please note 7 is Russia's telephone country code)
Time Zone: + 6 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time/London time.) 11 hours ahead of EST.
Economic Activity: Manufacturing, petrouem, timber. Port on the Tom River and stop onthe Trans-Siberian Railroad.)
Pictures of Tomsk, Russia
About Tomsk I can tell u a lot I worked as a guide :)))) So Tomsk is situated in Western Siberia. It s a student city. There are 6 universities. One out of 10 people from our city studies at a university, a college or an institute. It s a city of young people and young women. In fact 80%, no 90% of girls are beautiful. Tomsk is a real El Dorado of beauty hehehe. As for history, Tomsk was founded in 1604 by decree of Russian tsar (king) Boris the Great. It was used as a fortress. Then they found gold here and opened the first bank in Siberia after which the city truly began to develope. It became a city of merchants. In 19th century it was the place for exiles. Now it s a big university and scientific center of Siberia. It s a nice and calm city but there are a lot of young people so it s never boring here at least for me:)))). Tomsk region is rich in oil. There is an office of UKOS company here because there main oil they find here. There are churches, chapels and so on. Tomsk is famous for its wooden architecture. Switzerland tourists are coming here for this architecture.

Part of a letter from the beautiful Alexandra

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