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Population of Ukraine is 50,000,000. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Ukraine's telephone country code is 380. Ukraine's time zone is two hours ahead of Greenwich meantime.

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Map of Ukraine



Quick Facts about Ukraine:
Capital: Kiev
Population: 50,000,000
Telephone country code: 380
Languages spoken in Ukraine: Ukrainian, Russian
Flag of Ukraine
Entry Requirements for US citizens traveling to Ukraine: Passport and visa. The cheapest place to
get an Ukrainian visa is directly from the embassy: Ukraine Embassy - Visa Department

Time Zone: + 2 hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time/London time.) 7 hours ahead of EST.
Economic Activity: Agriculture, Industry, Manufacturing, Mining, Timber, Tourism.
List of National Holidays in Ukraine

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This page contains the nation flag, population, country code and time zone of Ukraine. We offer romance tours to meet Ukrainian women.